Top 5 Sites like eBay: eBay Alternatives [2018]

Sites like Ebay

eBay is one of the most famous E-commerce sites where we either buy goods or either we sell our own products  So if you’re here to find Sites like eBay Then you’ve come to the right place. The Best thing about eBay is, you can easily order your favorite Products and it’s very easy to use, you won’t any Difficulty using eBay, but sometimes we look for an Alternative so that we can analyze the Price and the Product and even you belong to the same category then off cause  This Article is for you

Do not worry guys I’ve been Buying goods from Multiple E-commerce stores and I have got a lot of experience and can easily guide you up so that you don’t mess up going to an unknown store and if you are the one who is willing to sell their own product in these eBay Alternatives  Yes you can do that too. so let’s check it out.

Top 13 Sites Like eBay: eBay Alternatives [2018]


Pros: Huge Variety of Products                                                                         

Cons: Cost efficiency 

Sites like eBay

Amazon is one of the best Alternative to eBay, in fact, is better than eBay in some aspects because when you sometimes Purchase via eBay you may face difficulties like Fake Order, sometimes they Send you the Duplicate or a Fake Product or wrong product which you later cannot return them back which is more worst than a nightmare and sometimes you can’t cancel order in eBay I’ve also faced this situation long back where I tried to cancel the order and then I couldn’t then I had to call the customer care and they did help me out.

If you’re Disappointed about the technical issues of eBay or any other thing seems complicated to you then you can surely order then Same Product via Amazon and the best Thing About Amazon is they have a huge variety of  Products and there are a lot of reviews too. then what are you waiting for the go-ahead and Buy your Favorite product. one of the best Sites Like eBay

if you are a seller and looking for a great Platform to sell your own goods then I bet you won’t find something better then Amazon in-fact they have a lot of customers and if you list your products on Amazon then I’m Sure you’ll Gain lots of sales and profit then what are you waiting for go and try it now.

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Pros: Delivers worldwide                                                                                         

Cons:  No Express shipping in some countries 

Sites like ebayAlibaba is the most certified E-commerce store in China and mostly used by Chinese and if you’re wondering why Alibaba then let me tell you they also have their own inventory where there are a lot of Unique products which will drive you crazy and not only that people order products from Alibaba from many other several countries. In fact, they also export Chinese products to other countries Because of their uniqueness. The best part of Alibaba is they are Certified and trusted you won’t even face single problems and difficulties, you can easily Purchase through Alibaba

if you’re into dropshipping then you should surely g with Alibaba because 90% of Dropshippers use Alibaba to Dropship the products to other countries there are many Dropshippers it’s one of the best online business where you don’t even require an inventory you need to Dropship which is the easiest task anybody can do and if you feel like doing drop shipping business then I think you should surely give it a try I’m sure you won’t be Disappointed

and if you’re a shopper like me who loves buying Unique Gadgets then create an Alibaba account and Purchase any of the product and you will really love the stuff what are you waiting for go ahead and buy cool gadgets.


Pros: Best for Dropshipping                                                                                     

Cons: Monthly Membership is Little Expensive 

Sites Like ebay

So are you into drop shipping for planning to start drop shipping? then no one can beat Shopify because it is an automated platform by which you can buy & sell any types of product you like and if you’re a Seller then you’re going to love this site and if you don’t know much about Dropshipping then I’ll explain it to you, So basically dropshipping means selling any random product from a random site without having an inventory isn’t it cool? Yeah, it is. There are Plenty of sites which made Millions of Dollars So recently I came across a site Called Common Panda Which Makes a lot of revenue if you’re Wondering which Platform do they use, Yes it’s Shopify and I think you should also start the Journey of Dropshipping Via Shopify Because that’s the best Automated E-commerce Platform where everything happens automatically you should do nothing. Shopify is one of the best Sites like eBay

and if you are really serious about starting Dropshipping then I would recommend you to use the 14 Days free Shopify Trail so that in the meanwhile you can learn the basics and don’t face any type of issues or difficulties in the future.


Pros: Unique Products                                                                                             

Cons: some Products are Little Expensive

sites like ebay

Newegg is an E-commerce site for Geeks if you are a Tech Geek or a Geek enthusiast who keeps experimenting with new things then this site is for you, In fact, I my self-purchased a “Graphic Card for My Younger Sibling who is a Gamer”  I had Experienced with Newegg i find it little costlier than other sites because when I tried buying the same product via Amazon the Amazon was slightly cheaper but I’d still recommend you to other Tech Stuff or any Electronic Gadget from Newegg they are totally Certified and Genuine this is most valid reason to buying from Newegg while some E-commerce store may also send you the Fake Products. This is one of the best Sites like eBay

And if you’re a seller and looking for a site only to sell Electronic and Monitors then i bet you won’t find anything better then Newegg Yes, you heard it right, you can sell your Products easily on Newegg But Make Sure your Products are Genuine and Certified because their Policy is strict if you try to Sell fake Products they’ll surely Penalize or Terminate your account so I’d Recommend not to Cheat on them. if you’re the Genuine guy then I’m Sure you won’t Face and Problems Go ahead and buy these Tech Gadgets from Newegg

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Pros: Ultra unique products                                                                                   

Cons:  Cost Efficiency 

Sites like ebay

if you’re the one who loves Unique and vintage types of the product then Etsy is the best E-commerce store for you, there are Thousands of Unique and Vintage Products which you’ll surely love and the Best part is Everything is genuine here Most of the artist use this E-commerce Platform to Buy their Favorite Handcraft or a unique Personalized Gifts and I’m Sure you’ll also Love it then why not take a look . if you’re planning to decorate your home or need any decoration products then always Purchase them via Etsy Because they are the best Source of Cool and Amazing Handcraft Products you really won’t regret what you waiting for ahead and try Etsy right now. This is one of the Best Sites Like eBay

if you’re a Seller and you are really passionate about making Handcraft items then I bet you Etsy is the best Platform to sell your super handcrafts but you need to be unique and creative so that People buy your masterpiece just make sure you keep learning new handcraft tutorials and make a cool unique vintage product and easily sell via this Platform

And if you’re a regular shopper you love discounts and offers then don’t worry guys, they provide a lot of Discounts and offers on their provide go and have a look you won’t be disappointed.

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