4 Best Telegram Alternatives Apps [2019]

Best Telegram Alternatives

Nowadays Instant messaging is at its new heights but you know what the most heartbreaking thing is that your chats are not that secure and instant messaging companies like WhatsApp and hike they do share their user’s data to some other companies. For advertising campaigns. So Let’s checkout Telegram Alternative

One of the most secure and reliable instant messaging application is telegram not only it is secure and reliable but it also offers some very interesting features. So let’s first see what are they.


  • Multiple accounts: In a single telegram you can use multi accounts
  • Theme: So many themes are available within the application itself
  • Auto night mode: you can enable auto night mood to change display color according to night
  • Lock chats: you can also lock individual chats.

Can use a proxy server: This feature comes very handy when you want to safeguard your data from state organizations.

  • can own masks: Just like WhatsApp business telegram also offers you to create your own masks.
  • Telegram Bots: You could even create a bot on telegram for your business.
  • Multimedia player: telegram even offers you a multimedia player within the app.
  • Self Destruct photos: just like Instagram telegram also offer self-destructive photos.
  • Hashtags: you could hashtag to organize your photos.


Now after getting know the features of telegram let’s check what are the other alternatives that you could use. Let’s begin the countdown.

4 Best Telegram Alternative


  1. Viber

Telegram alternative

Viber is a great alternative of telegram when it comes to security point of view because Viber offers us End-to-End encryption that Viber couldn’t even read our chats.

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Moreover, it also offers very interesting features like Free audio calls, Free video calls, Free international the user who don’t even use Viber. Viber also provides multi-device support like web.whatsapp.com. Viber will never let you bore because it also provides in-app games like facebook messenger and Hike. The only thing you are gonna miss is amazing telegram bots.


  1. Threema

Telegram alternative

Threema is used by many businessmen, Threema is not regular users who just want an instant messaging app because threema is a paid application, Yes its a paid application. Now I know you are surely thinking if it is paid then what’s the “Magic” features that it offers that any other Instant messaging couldn’t offer. Here is the list for you that it offers.

  1. The app offers end-to-end encryption
  2. it does not even collect meta
  3. The app doesn’t even sync users contact list to its server, everything is on user’s mobile.
  4. The app also offers to create polls in groups.

These are some of the features that Threema offers to its users. The app is available for $2.99.


  1. Google Allo

Telegram alternative

Google Allo is developed by Google itself, so there are no questions about the reliability of the application. Google Allo offers highly secured conversations, with great and easy to use interface. Google allo not only offers End-to-End encryption but similar like Telegram it5 also offers you an incognito mode chatting option for a different and private experience.

In google allo, you have the ability to create chatbots.


  1. Facebook messenger

Telegram alternative

When it comes to great connectivity Facebook messenger have no competition because who doesn’t have a facebook account? Nowadays everyone has. Facebook messenger also offers some great features like in-app games, group chats, Video calls, End-to-End encryption and ads too ;).

Final Verdicts

So these were the 4 Best Telegram Alternative and I think you should definitely try them right now so what are you waiting for go ahead and try them right now.

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