5 Best Spotify Alternatives For Streaming Music [2019]

Spotify Alternatives

We all love listening to music, hearing songs has become the most important parts of our lives and we sometimes keep switching from one app to another, in this article, we will be reading best Spotify alternative

everybody loves listening to songs and tech has become so much advanced that there are plenty of apps available for streaming music.

Best Spotify Alternatives For Streaming Music

1.  Amazon Music 

Spotify alternative

Amazon music is one of my favorite music streaming sites  which is being operated by Amazon.com I like this because of the clean user interface and amazing customization, you will find tons and tons for songs in this app and you can even download them offline so that if you don’t have internet connections you will be able to play your songs peacefully

This Service is only available in eleven countries if you have not  tried Amazon music yet then you should try this music streaming service right now go ahead and listen to your favorite songs

You can easily grab android and ios versions of the app, the main advantage of using this music stream service is you’ll easily be able to play those songs via Artificial intelligence Smart speakers as Alexa or Amazon echo.

2.  Google Play Music

Spotify alternative

Google Play Music is one of the simplest and clean music streaming and podcasting service, which is very easy to use and this app comes pre-installed with all the android phones as it is powered by Google,  will the free standard account you can listen up to 50,000 thousand songs.

you can also purchase premium accounts with the paid subscriptions and listen to up to  40 million songs without any advertisement, Songs can easily be downloaded for offline purpose so that if you don’t have an active data pack you can stream or play the song offline. you can also stream radio stations with this app this is one of the best Spotify alternatives. you don’t even require to download the app because it comes pre-installed go ahead and open this app right now.

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3.  Apple Music

Spotify Alternative

if you own an iPhone then you should definitely go with “Apple music” because it would take only a second to play any song via Siri with the voice command feature.

Apple Music is amazing and you will surely love it,  it is very easy to use apple music and it comes pre-installed with your iPhone,  ios user are very lucky to have such a great music streaming app, unfortunately, Android users cannot use apple music because it is not available for the Android platform.

4. Youtube Music

spotify alternative

Youtube Music, the music streaming service which was developed by youtube, it’s a great platform as it allows users to hear music for free but there are some restrictions you’ll have to watch those ads, there is a paid premium membership feature which allows users to play music without ads.

Unfortunately, it is not available in many countries, you’ll be lucky enough to stream songs with youtube music because of the clean user-interface. the best thing about Youtube Music you can play that music in the background.

5. Pandora radio

spotify alternative

Pandora is a famous automated music streaming app which  is usually  kinda custom radio station if you’d used Spotify then you will surely love Pandora, in fact, it looks like the cloned version of Spotify 

Users can create any “stations” based on the genre and mood, the best part about Pandora is you can easily use it as a radio station too. This also comes with the premium feature which will cost around 9.99$ per month isn’t it a good dead? yes it is going ahead and stream your favourite music right now


Spotify is still the best music streaming service according to my prospective Iwas just trying to show y’all the Best Spotify alternative now go ahead and try them.

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