Best Receipt Scanners & Apps To Use In 2019

Best receipt Scanner Apps

Sometimes searching for your expenses can be very hectic, in 2018 managing your expenses is very important because everyone should have to know where they spend their money and is that okay to spend on such thing or not. Nowadays everything is digitals so is managing your expenses, No I am not you to make an excel workbook to do so well that is very old fashion when you can receipt scanners. so let’s checkout best receipt scanner

You might be wondering what is “receipt scanners” well I also thought so, but when I read about that it blows off my mind. Receipt scanners are the mobile or cloud or desktop based application which are used to manage your receipts of all the expenses you have done within a time period(monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually)

Well being a freelancer it is really important to do my expenses very carefully and to do so I need a solution that could help me to figure about where I am spending my hard earned money, and where receipt scanners enter in the game it’s the perfect solution for me.

Best Receipt Scanners

There are many receipt scanners in the market but which is for you? I have listed some of the best receipt scanners for everyone. So let’s begin the countdown.

  1. Evernote Scannable

Best for IOS users.

best receipt scanner

If you are an IOS user I am pretty sure that you always face the memory problem, but don’t worry Evernote scannable is an IOS application which stores receipt over the cloud.

With a few clicks on your phone screen, you store your receipts according to you.

The best option that I found on this app that you have the ability to preview the scan, discard, and retake the photo if the first image isn’t clear enough.

  1.  Expensify

Best for everyone.

best receipt scanner

Expensify is a cloud-based Receipt scanners application for both IOS and  Android. In Expensify you can use your smartphone to take photos of your receipts and can store that onto the cloud of Expensify.

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But what’s different in Expensify? Well, expensify is the receipt scanner that personally and I totally loved this app. Because of its data extraction feature. It itself extracts all the data from your receipt photo and stores that in numeric form.

  1. Receipts by Wave

Best for freelancers and small business.

best receipt scanner

If you are a freelancer or a small business and don’t want to get so much into accounting Receipts by the wave is the thing for you. Its a cloud based application which is accessible from both mobile and desktop computer.

The best thing about receipts by wave is that it automatically syncs the expenses report to its cloud server and it is totally free. On top of that, you can extracts your data to accounting software like QuickBookslikeM.S. excel in just a few clicks.

  1. Shoeboxed

Best for taxpayers.

best receipt scanner

If you are looking an application that you can use for taxation purposes, your wait is over Shoeboxed sorts your expenses records in a way that you can use that to file your taxes.

Shoeboxed is a mobile-based receipt scanner application that you can use to manage your receipt as well as for sending data to your tax preparer right from your phone.

  1. Epson Workforce DS-30

Best for multipurpose use.

best receipt scanner

If you are looking for a receipt scanner in a physical version you can use Epson Workforce DS-30, It’s a lightweight portable scanner that can work with windows as well as mac.

You can connect scanner with the USB cable and then you can easily Scan any of the receipts without an app with this Physical Receipt Scanner. Then What are you waiting for the go ahead and try this right now?

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