5 Best Games Like Clash of Clans [2019]

Games Like Clash Of Clans

In today’s gaming world, one easily gets attached to the online games and that too with multi-user friendly so that one can get connected to the outer world directly without any limitations.  And that too can achieve by just a PC and a WiFi connection. So let’s check out Games Like Clash Of Clans 

We all might have heard about Clash Of Clans, the ultimate addictive game for all age groups.

Clash Of Clans, the most overrated game and popular too in gaming history.  It’s a simple game with a kingdom, opponents, and lots of looting. Isn’t sound crazy, yes it is. But like most of the other games, one will easily get sick of it too.  The worst thing about Clash of clans is that in the market so many mods are available for this game which just completely just destroyed the experience of the game. And the best thing about the clash of clans that I personally love about is that This game has huge community build around, there are so many players out there which are playing this game for years now.

From last few years clash of clans has taken many steps that it still dominates the kingdom builder mobile gaming market after so many years of launch. More than 60% of the market of kingdom building for mobile gaming is still under Clash of clans

But still we all know that this world has alternatives for everything, So gaming world introduced many more alike games. All these games are, kingdom builder, defensive, attacking and much more.

5 Best Games Like Clash of Clans


Games Like Clash Of Clans

The first alternative of the clash of clans is from the developers of clash of clans only. It’s another lookalike game of kingdom, but for a twist, a base is on the beach side. In this, opponents storm out from the beach and take down your kingdom. It’s a multiplayer game with a mission. We miss the fact that this is also from the developer of clash of clans I am pretty sure will love this game just like Clash of Clans.

Dawn of Titans

This one is a newer kingdom game, a Little bit different as you will be charged other kingdom with troops. One of the best newcomer in the world of king building games, in kingdom builder genre. This is one of the best Strategy game and most of them love playing these type of games. you should surely try this game because this is one of the games like clash of clans

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Jungle heatWeapons of Revenge

 Games Like Clash of clans

It’s a clone to clash of the clan that focuses on the hero of the game. It means gamer is the one in this game. The gamer will have his own ability own style, build a base, defend, attack. The best part about this game you won’t get bored from this game because it’s built the way where you need to use the whole strategy to play you need to use your brain you should think and play and it’s really very easy


Games like clash of clans

 This one is kingdom building game but with card collecting mechanics. Troops have to train first, then leveling up of heroes build bases just as usual. With a little twist you will be going to have dragons, can cure injured one with a card. This is one of the best alternatives to clash of clans because you have to the same thing which you do in clash of clans that is defend your clan and attack your enemies. it’s fun defending and attacking others base you won’t get bored playing this game

Castle Clash

Games ,like clash of clans

This is one of the games like clash of clans, With 50 million installs, this game is huge competitors for clash of clans, and more popular. You have to build a village here, defend it, and attack your opponents in order to win. You might have a chance to level up your hero and fight the, against other heroes too. Packed with exciting combat and fast-paced strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Here powerful Heroes to lead your army of mythical creatures. Fight your way to become the world’s greatest warlord. Put your strategies to the test in dungeons, raids, and more! With over 100 million players worldwide, it’s always time to clash!

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