10 Best Android TV Apps To Use In 2019

Best Android TV Apps

Android TV is Steadily growing and there is no point of having Android TV without android apps. it feels so good living in this advanced world. Android TV Platforms are rapidly developing, Google technologies and a lot of other applications. so let’s check out Best Android TV apps

But there isn’t a point of having Android Platform without the applications, So we will be checking out Best apps for Android TV  which will change the experience of watching television

Best Android TV apps To Use In 2019

1. Netflix

best android tv apps

When it comes to video streaming, Netflix is considered the best video streaming services. This is the best source of entertainment. I watch all my favorite movies and series on Netflix and I think you should watch too,  Netflix has gone global too.

if you already have a Netflix subscription and a latest smart tv, then Netflix should come Pre-installed on your device but in case it is not installed you can Smart TV, you can Download it from google play store and if you don’t have a Netflix subscription then you should get it as soon as possible because it’s the best Video Streaming service and the best source of entertainment. Netflix is very easy to use just grab some pop-corns and start watching your favorite movie and chill.

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2. Amazon Prime Video

netflix alternatives

if you love watching series and movies then this is the best alternative to Netflix and is better then it sometimes in some aspects because here you can watch from the maximum number of devices you don’t get any kind of restrictions which Netflix users face.  also, you get amazing content which you’ll surely love it, it is easy and very simple to use. But to use this platform when you need to pay for the Subscription which will cost around 15$ a year which is cheaper than Netflix. it’s one of the best android tv apps

Amazon Prime Video can also be accessed by any browser so in case you don’t have the app on your smart tv you can access via browser, but you don’t have to worry about it because it comes pre-installed in some devices. it is not available in some countries and if you are among then you can switch to Netflix because it is Global and you won’t face any problem. so go ahead and download this app right now from play store

3.  VLC Media Player

best android tv apps

VLC Media Player is a very famous offline Video streaming app which is used in many devices like Smartphones and computers. The good thing about this app is, it’s ultra durable and you won’t face any kind of difficulties using it, in fact, it can be played offline you don’t need an active internet connection where Netflix lacks.

This comes Pre-installed with smart TVs like Mi-box if you don’t have this app you can download it from the play store,  what’s more, the VLC media player will automatically categorize all your media files and it also comes with hardware acceleration to give the boost to your device. go ahead and download this app right now

4. Spotify

if you are a music lover then you’d surely know about Spotify, in case you don’t Spotify is a popular, music streaming service which is being used by many music lovers including me, this is best music app I’ve ever seen. get up now and download this app right now, from the android play store.

using this you can stream any of your favorite song in loud music if you haven’t created your playlist yet then what are you waiting for do it now. what’s more, you can also download your favorite song but for that, you need to have the premium subscription.

5. Twitch

best android tv apps

If you’re a gamer then Twitch is for you,  here you can watch Gameplay videos and Live Streams. Gamers use this platform to show off their gameplays and live streams. you can learn from their gameplays and become a pro gamer, you just need to learn the main tactics, you’ll play better. this app is among best android tv apps

Players who are stuck on a particular level can watch the video and learn the strategy to play and win you just need to be Active, Watching gameplay video sound boring but it isn’t boring it’s really cool watching their gameplay videos and having fun. you should definitely download this app from the play store.

6. Kodi

best android tv apps

Kodi is one of the most popular Media center application available. Using this app you can access all your media files in one location isn’t it great? yes it is and you get a lot of add-ons too which will boost Kodi and you can access many special features

You should surely download and install Kodi on your Android Tv if you have plenty of Media files available on your device, you love watching movies? then Kodi is the best Media center app ever. it is easy to use and you can download this via Android Play store.

7. Plex

best android tv apps

Another really amazing media center app which you should use it, Plex.  Kodi Defeats Plex is every aspect But there is an aspect where Kodi too lacks The user interface. Plex has a friendly UI whereas Kodi is very hard to use. Kodi has tons of Plugins but Plex doesn’t it’s way simple and clean. if you aren’t using Kodi then Plex is the best alternative for it.

You can easily download Plex from the android Tv Play store and install it on your Android Tv. Plex is very easy to navigate too, you won’t face any difficulties because of the clean and friendly UI. to use Plex you need to have a Plex Server which will be on another Laptop or computer so that you can easily access them Via Your Android Tv

8. AirScreen

best android tv apps

Android TV comes with the support of Google Cast. it basically allows us to Cast any of the media files such as images, videos, etc. but what if you are an iPhone user? This is what this app is for, it’ll allow you to Cast all your media files from your iOS Device or an iPhone to the Android Tv isn’t it great? it is right so all the users with iPhone should definitely download this amazing app.

You can download this app Via Android Tv Play store and start casting all your favorite media files. and you won’t face any problems too go ahead and download this app right now from Play store.

9.  HayStack TV

best android tv apps

HayStack TV is a smart News application by which we  get latest information and news about what’s happening around the world, so you love staying updated to all the information then HatStack TV is going to be an amazing NEWS app which will keep you always updated, you’ll find all types of news here related to Business, Current events etc.

I also use this app to keep my self-updated and I think you should use this too so that you’ll have all the latest information about the current events occurring this is going to be the best news app for an Android TV go ahead and download this right now.

10.  Google Drive

Best android tv apps

if you’d store all your personal media files on a Cloud storage platform than Google Drive rules, and if you’re wondering “how do I access them?” then that’s easy you just need to download Google drive from the play store but unfortunately it is not available on the Android tv play store, but you can any third party file explorer and sideload any of the apps which aren’t available play store and install it easily. Geeks Desktop

This is going to be an amazing app for your android tv because you can access any of your media files and watch them on your huge android smart TV.

Best Android TV Apps

Android TVs comes with some Pre-installed applications but there are many apps which we require for our personal use so these were 10 Best Apps for Android TV which you should download right now, what are you waiting for go ahead and try them.

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